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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Quick up date

Well although I promised a update quickly, as you can see, there wasn't one. I my defense I've had a couple of reason. Firstly I had my right hand broken playing rugby four weeks ago now, this made painting impossible for a while. Secondly once I got back into painting I wanted to do a unit of WFB spearmen for my new Wissenland army. I've half finished the spearmen now but during their painting i've managed to finish another 2 units of infantry and another command stand and the pictures of them will be up soon. Come back in a couple of days for an update with pictures.

Next on the table, well during the drying time on the spearmen, will be another unit of skirmishing cavalry. Only 9 models so shouldn't take to long.

See you soon.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rholoxani Heavy Cavalry

Finally the Rhoxolani heavy shock cavalry are done, Hurrah! Well one unit at least.

These models are Old glory I think. The Pendraken ones that came in the army deal are very small compared to the infantry from the deal. The Pendraken ones looked like, in the words of my misses, 'children on ponies' scale wise. So I got these instead. The pack contained 30 horsemen of two different models. To make things easy on the tabletop I seperated them and use only one type for each unit. I have done a small conversion to create the draco bearer, just cutting away the original kontos and replacing it with the draco from a foot command model. I think it looks alright and makes the unit look much better than with out.
The paint job was very much the same as the infantry. These models do however have a lot of armour and the boltgun metal paint over a bone undercoat then finished with a brown ink doesn't look great so I used a little black ink over the top and it looks fine. Now that they are based i'm quite happy with the way they've turned out. They add a cutting edge to the list that wasn't there before.
Next up will be 2 units of infantry, one is already under way, then some more cavalry, either some skirmishing cavalry or the other unit of heavy cavalry, oh, and another command base, propably a cavalry one.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The poor bloody infantry

As promised the 2 latest units of infantry i've painted. Nothing special but i'm getting a lot quicker painting them. Have started a unit of shock cavalry which seem to be taking ages dispite being most metal. I suppose its just my dislike of painting cavalry.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lets take this back on the road

Just a quickie really. I went to the Warfare show in reading over the weekend and its started my WMA juices flowing again. After a long break from WMA because of WFB tournaments and buying and renovating a house, mostly the house really, i've decided to actually finish my Dacian army up too at least 1000 points and probably more as the Pendraken army deal has a lot of more points of troops in and I can't stand seeing things go to waste.

Another unit of infantry has been painted and based, the next is to be started tonight, and pictures will go up once the misses has returned my digital camera and removed all her dance photos off it.

Watch this space!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well two posts in one day, a good output helped by the discovery of using Picasa for the photos which has an auto blog function and is easy as pie.

Here are the falxmen, the elites of the army with 4 attacks per stand. Unfortuantly they have no save so they will need support against the Romans, or a flank.

Also we have another picture of the chieftain I got.
Warroirs next so hopefully you'll see them soon.
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Well here is the cheiftain, at last some command for my fledgling army. Next up will be the falxmen. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sorry for the delay

Well it's been a mighty six weeks since my last post so to bring you all up to speed.

I've done very little, for what ever reason my output of painting dropped to almost nothing over the last 6 weeks, not sure why. Well i've decided to start catching up and last night I finished painting the falxmen and the cheiftain, hurrah! They are in the middle of being based at the moment and will have a few pictures, taken with my new mini tripod for better stability, up tonight once the basing is done.

Next up will be a couple of units of warriors before I start on some of the rholoxani heavy cavalry.

Well till tonight, TTFN

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The army so far

Sorry it's been so long since my last post but, as i'm sure it's the same with you all, life throws up plent of other thing to do other than paint models.

I've completed another warrior unit, exactly the same as the first. So instead of showing you more pictures of the same i've taken some of all the units i've got done to date arrayed in a battle formation. I hope you like them.

Next up is a unit of Falxmen, these are the elites of the army so i'll spend a little more time on them. I'm also painting up my first leader, a cheiftain, i'm just using three command models for it as he's the lowest level leader in the army with a rubbish command value of 7. He'll be used to move the infantry warband brigades around because the +1 bonus to command rolls associated with brigaded warbands might actually give him a chance to order them around.